IRATA Level 1 Technician

About this course

This 5 days course (assessment included) focus on equipping trainee with no prior experience with the basic skills and knowledge to work in rope access.

At the end of the course, qualified trainee is:

• able to understand and follow the rope access procedures, method statements and associated risk assessment.

• responsible for pre-use checks of his/ her own rope access equipment.

• able to assist in rigging and other operations under the guidance of a higher level.

• able to undertake a simple rescue in decent and assist in rescue operation.

Qualified trainee will receive:

• IRATA certificate.

• IRATA log book.

• IRATA ID card.

• e-copy of IRATA documents.

• e-copy of OST training manual.

Course contents

• Introduction to rope access.

• Explanation of IRATA training assessment certification scheme (TACS), course syllabus and assessment processes.

• Introduction, explanation and demonstration of basic knots, rope maneuvers, climbing techniques, rescues and fall protection equipment.

• Setting up of personal rope access equipment.

• Rope access equipment and buddy check.

• Acceptable methods of storage and maintenance of rope access equipment.

• Legislation and international safety standards.

• Fall factor formula

• Introduction and explanation of first aid and suspension trauma.

IRATA Level 1 Assessment

Course syllabus elements covered at assessment:

• All elements of the syllabus.

• Trainee shall complete 20 questions

• Trainee shall demonstrate all of the rope maneuvers covered during course.

• Trainee shall demonstrate all of the climbing techniques covered during course.

• Trainee shall demonstrate 2 rescues:

1. In descent from a seperate set of ropes.

2. By lowering with a pre-rigged rig-for -rescue system.